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The UK Modern Slavery Act is driving the construction sector to address the risks that lie deep in its supply chain. Action Sustainability was tasked to work with a selection of the Supply Chain School’s partners to run a pilot programme to understand the magnitude of the task.

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Action Sustainability worked in collaboration with 30+ partners in the UK construction sector to identify some key products that are common to all partners. With the support of partners to encourage their tier 1 suppliers to co-operate we undertook to explore the supply chain of commonly purchased products (such as a hi-vis vest) down to the raw material if possible.

The results were a revelation to the industry. A product as simple as a hi-vis vest has numerous components coming from places such as USA, China, India and Morocco. The challenges encountered in overcoming concerns about commercial confidentiality were significant.

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Having developed an understanding of the size and shape of the task, the Supply Chain School is now embarking on a category led strategy to engage all players in the supply chains of high risk categories to come together to resolve these risks in collaboration.

Fig 1: High risk countries for sourcing components for high visibility jackets