Supply chain management experts

Our team of consultants provide professional advice and services that will enable you to embed sustainable supply chain management across your organisation and into your supply chain, helping you reach your organisation's sustainability objectives and make efficiency savings.  

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What we do

We have a range of approaches and practical tools to accelerate you to a more sustainable supply chain e.g developing your overarching policies and evaluating where the sustainability risks and opportunities lie in your supply chain, to embedding best practice in your procurement processes

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How we do it

Our experienced team will work with you to assess where support is required and then develop a tailored strategy to embed sustainability though your supply chain with tangible outcomes

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About us

With experience in both procurement and sustainability, we are acknowledged experts in sustainable supply chain management at the forefront of knowledge and professional practice


The latest thinking on sustainable supply chain management

We use our knowledge of having developed supply chain standards such as BS 8903 and our experience of working with a wide range of sectors to offer services across the supply chain sustainability spectrum: from your corporate strategy and objectives right through to the hands-on implementation of sustainable supply chain initiatives.  Our client-focussed approach means that we develop and deliver what you need, not some off-the-shelf solution.  This approach results in allowing you to:

  • Understand and take control of the risks and impacts within your supply chains
  • Identify and gain from financial savings from reduced waste, and consumption of energy, water and resources
  • Report on improved sustainability performance to your stakeholders and gain in reputation and improved brand value
  • Become known in your sector as a leader in sustainability
  • Contribute towards meeting the sustainability demands of your clients and expectations of stake/shareholders
  • Attract and retain the best talent into your organisation
  • Achieve external accreditation such as BS 8903, the world's first standard for sustainable procurement
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Our experienced team provide specialist business advice, training, services and practical tools that will help your organisation transform your supply chain's contribution to your sustainability objectives;

  • Identify why sustainability is important to your organisation
  • Link your strategic goals to an effective sustainable supply chain management strategy
  • Implement your strategy throughout your procurement team and through your supply chain
  • Put in place measurement, evaluation and assurance mechanisms to ensure your approach is embedded in everyday business practices

We aim to lead and inspire sustainable supply chain management