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The Modern Slavery Act 2015

Action Sustainability can provide a bespoke service to assist businesses with assessing and understanding their risks under the MSA and putting measures in place to address them

The Walk Free Foundation estimates that there are approximately 49 million victims of modern slavery globally.  Whilst the UK is by no means the worst country for slavery it still has problems both in terms of employing victims of slavery and contributing to the issue through supply chain activities.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was established to increase penalties associated with modern slavery and to pressure organisations into taking action.  The Act applies to all businesses of any size - not just those with revenues greater than £36 million and Action Sustainability is here to help.

Action Sustainability has been instrumental in shaping our sector's understanding of the issues around the MSA and in developing support and solutions to help us to respond to them.” 
Aaron Reid - Sustainable Supply Chain Manager, Balfour Beatty

 As a responsible organisation you will need to understand where the risks of modern slavery exist and take the appropriate action. Whilst the Act has successfully raised awareness, there are many organisations that still don't know what practical steps they need to take to minimise their risk of modern slavery in their supply chains. So where do you start?

Action Sustainability's services include:

  1. A gap analysis of your Statement against the requirements of the Act with recommendations on how to make it more robust;
  2. A deeper assessment of your policies and procedures for the Act, with recommendations on what else needs to be done to strengthen them to mitigate risk;
  3. Working with you to assess and identify the risks in your supply chain from modern slavery;
  4. Training your colleagues on what the Modern Slavery Act is about, what it means to your business and how to deal with it with implementable actions;
  5. Developing your approach to the Act, such as writing Policies and Statements, updating recruitment procedures & procurement documents, and extending supply chain engagement;

If you're seeking advice or support on how to deal with the Modern Slavery Act, get in contact with us: email James at or call the team on 020 7697 1977.

"Action Sustainability has developed a strong capability to support companies responding to the Modern Slavery Act - they are acknowledged as experts in the construction and FM sectors."
Dan Firth - Sustainable Procurement Manager, Interserve

We aim to lead and inspire sustainable supply chain management