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If you want to achieve and exceed your organisational objectives for sustainability, it is imperative that you know how well you're performing in managing your supply chains.

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Undertaking a sustainability evaluation of your procurement and supply chain processes is the first step on this journey - our experts can help and advise you.

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Working with us, you benefit from collaborating across your organisation to understand where you are now and what you need to do to improve

Approach to Evaluation

Putting robust methods and systems in place to enable a sustainable supply chain is crucial, but so is having the means to monitor and measure progress, as well as taking feedback and recommendations for improvements on board.

At Action Sustainability we have a range of techniques, and the experience in using them, to evaluate your supply chain processes to make sound, objective recommendations on how to improve them. Understanding where you are at now, and what you need to do to get where you want to be, is a key part in transforming your approach to a sustainable supply chain.

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Options for Evaluation 

We are the authors of the only supply chain sustainable procurement standard - BS 8903 - and are currently representing the UK in the creation of the equivalent international ISO Standard - ISO 20400.

Using this experienced grounding and in depth knowledge, we have developed a range of tools to help you assess your supply chain and procurement for sustainability

 A desktop & interview approach to evaluate your organisation's competence against the BS8903 Standard
 A self-diagnostic tool based on BS 8903 to assess the sustainability of your supply chain
 A Flexible Framework Tool, based on the good practice recommended by the Sustainable Procurement Task Force

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