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Sustainable supply chain diagnostic

Sustainable supply chain diagnostic

How does your organisation compare against sustainable procurement best practice? Use our simple supply chain tool to find out...

Action Sustainability's diagnostic tool draws upon leading edge thinking from the British Standard in Sustainable Procurement (BS 8903). It is simple to use and by asking a minimal number of questions will immediately provide you with a view of how aligned or otherwise your current supply chain sustainability initiatives are with the guidance provided in BS 8903.

This self assessment tool takes under 10 minutes to complete and will help you identify:

. Key areas that must be addressed to successfully embed sustainable procurement
. How closely your organisation compares to thinking within BS 8903
. Specific areas where Action Sustainability may able to support you to achieve successful outcomes across your supply chain and ultimately secure more value from your procurements

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What does this tool do?

This quick and easy tool will provide you with a basic overview of your sustainability journey together with a high level indication of the key steps and practices required to successfully embed sustainability into your supply chain.

Note that this tool is your own 'self assessment' intended as a 'snapshot' to provide a guide. It is not a formal, independent assessment. Click here if you want further details about undertaking a formal assessment against BS 8903 practices and principles.

We aim to lead and inspire sustainable supply chain management