My week with Action Sustainability - work experience student, Joel

Joel, a north London local college student completed work experience at Action Sustainability, organised through the Inspire! Education Business Partnership initiative.

All marketing team members were involved with guiding Joel during the week, as he got to experience “a week in the life of” our marketing officers. Events & Marketing Officer Rosie Watts liaised directly with Inspire! and Marketing Manager Emily, to plan and oversee Joel’s work across the week.

Here’s what Joel said:

“I feel I had a good experience with Action Sustainability. I always felt comfortable and never felt like I was out of place. The staff were very much involved in my time here and were always helping me with anything, and I knew I could talk to them if I had any concerns.

The tasks I were set were impactful and I could use these skills in the future i.e. knowing to use websites and tools like Mailchimp, Unsplash and Buffer.

Whilst being here, I learnt how to portray myself in a more corporate atmosphere, which is a lot different to my casual college setting.

Overall, I learnt a lot about marketing. I consider marketing to be a field that I am very much interested in terms of my future career. If the opportunity was to come up again, I would, most definitely, come back.”

Here’s what Rosie Watts said:

“It was great to have Joel as a member of the team. Joel showed his creativity through creating and designing marketing campaigns and learnt how to develop and produce a marketing plan.  Marketing was a key interest to Joel so it was great that we could help him increase his knowledge and skills in this area.

At Action Sustainability, it is essential that all our users’ and visitors’ needs are met in regards to accessibility. Accessible design is a hot topic, particularly in the construction industry, and as part of our commitment to Fairness, Inclusion and Respect, we need to ensure that this is in place. During his week with us, Joel completed a review of our offices to determine how accessible they are for a wheelchair user. Joel was able to provide an insight on our offices that we had not previously considered, which has enabled us to feedback to our office provider to implement changes.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed having Joel, and it was great to support another student with their potential career path choice. Action Sustainability is committed to delivering social value and this is something we will continue to do in the future.”

For more information

Rosie Watts, Events & Marketing Officer

0207 697 1977

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