How can we help Utilising rigour in our assessment methodology and best available science to measure these impacts

At a fundamental level, environmental impacts are best understood once a baseline has been established which then provides the basis for the analysis of the likely impact of any activities being undertaken.

Of course, by their very nature environmental impacts are broad and can cover a huge range of activities and scenarios. At Action Sustainability we are well versed in analysing these impacts, from the burgeoning world of Natural Capital, which is increasingly enabling business to put a financial value on the natural services they rely on, to recent shifts in policy away from the use of diesel burning vehicles, primarily to help improve urban air quality.

Action Sustainability has a team of experts with significant experience in understanding and analysing the likely impacts a particular activity might have, and how gaining a better understanding of these can help your business. Whether it be the recent changes in policy associated with the use of diesel fuel, emerging concepts such as natural capital or simply understanding what risks to the environment a particular activity or project might entail we’re here to help.

Some of the things we can do include:

  • Understanding and interpreting environmental baselines and impacts
  • Science based targets support
  • Risk analysis
  • Environmental impact training and education programmes, such as e-learning
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Life cycle analysis

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