Dyanne van de Wijdeven Consultant

At Action Sustainability, Dyanne is part of the consultancy team, supporting procurement functions to develop into a strategic value driver for their organisation. This includes performing ISO 20400 evaluations and implementing sustainable procurement policies. In her work for the Supply Chain Sustainability School, she delivers workshops for procurement professionals with varying levels of expertise to enhance procurement practices.

Dyanne previously worked for a global, network-based, research and advisory company, where she advised CPOs and procurement leadership teams on their strategic transformation in business partnering, risk management and sustainability. In her role as Executive Advisor, she supported national institutions and MNCs from 12 different industries, including FMCG, pharma and manufacturing, across North America, Europe and Africa. Dyanne graduated with an MSc in Supply Chain Management and an MSc in Technology Operations Management.

A strong advocate for the procurement function’s role in driving corporate strategic deliverables, she has also worked with many organisations to change the internal stakeholder’s perception of the procurement function. She has done this through a multi-tiered approach of creating value propositions, developing soft skills and business-oriented mindsets, and creating cross-functional communication strategies.

Outside of work, Dyanne loves to experience new cultures and explore new parts of the world. She is also a keen sports fan, actively supporting women’s teams such as W-series racing and women’s football competitions.

Contact Dyanne on dyanne@actionsustainability.com.

Dyanne van de Wijdeven specialises in: