Georgie Passalaris Consultant

Georgie Passalaris is a Senior Sustainability Consultant committed to helping companies operate more sustainably. With over 13 years of international experience in the FMCG sector, she is an advocate for sustainable procurement, equality and inclusion, and environmental and social approaches that have a positive impact for companies and for communities. In her previous role, she developed a global social investment strategy and program on gender inclusion and social impact measurement frameworks. Her strengths are in sustainability strategy, partnerships and collaboration, human rights and gender inclusion, and sustainable procurement.

Georgie has collaborated with industry, government and non-government organisations, and advised the hospitality and tourism sector on sustainability.

Georgie has spent 5 years in Singapore and continues to be based there, working between Singapore and Sydney. She has travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and South America, speaks conversational French, Spanish and some Portuguese. She’s a strong advocate for cross sectoral partnerships, holding a Master in Tri Sector Collaboration from Singapore Management University.

Georgie loves to travel, is fascinated by language and culture and doesn’t do enough yoga.