Laura Almeida Associate

Laura is an experienced sustainability consultant specialised in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability strategy, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction and project delivery. Laura gained her working experience in Europe where she worked on projects aligned with the European Directive 2002/91/CE that embodies the Energy Performance Building Certification System in European Countries. Laura was part of the Energy Certification process of more than 100 buildings of all different types of usage.

Her passion for sustainability started early in life, with the aim and vision of contributing to a “better” and more sustainable world. During her engineering graduation in the late 90’s, Laura chose to follow the field of energy management and in 2005 started a masters degree in renewable energy. In 2010, Laura was working in the Energy Agency of her hometown (Porto, Portugal) and assisted the delivery of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the City of Porto, in line with the European programme “Covenant of Mayors”. Since then, Laura has been working as a sustainability consultant and in 2013 became a LEED Green Associate.

Laura is a whole energy efficiency specialist who combines research with environmental impacts (life cycle analysis) and people behaviour. Laura has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, in the field of renewable energy, and currently is a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University in the area of Green Buildings, more specifically in energy-related occupant behaviour, where she is also tutoring.

Laura enjoys a good late afternoon walk with her music, travelling, painting and reading. She also likes Yoga and currently is doing volunteering work in an animal rescue shelter.

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Laura Almeida