Maxine Kaisin Consultant

Maxine is a Sustainability Consultant passionate about promoting sustainable procurement, environmental sustainability, human rights and responsible investment. Her interests were consolidated during the completion of her degree of International Relations at the University of New South Wales. During this time, she focused her studies in International Politics, Human Rights, Sociology, and Environmental Development & Sustainability. Maxine has published several articles depicting the struggle of Indigenous Land Rights in Argentina.

Maxine has worked across diverse industries, including: Sydney Metro; Sydney Opera House; Taronga Zoo; Department of Education; Charter Hall Group; and the University of New South Wales. Maxine intends to further her professional development and expertise in sustainability to support her ultimate goal of protecting the environment and creating a more equitable society.

Maxine is a multicultural individual. She has lived in seven different countries and has been exposed to diverse people, cultures and ways of life. Her travels have granted her many benefits and language is by far the biggest. She now masters four different languages including Spanish, French, Italian and English. Maxine is a yoga enthusiast, a food lover, amateur painter and enjoys discussions about politics.