Olivier Masson Consultant

Olivier has a passion for sustainability, buildings and infrastructure which was born during his time in the Middle-East. His passion led him to graduate from the University of New South Wales with first class honours in Renewable Energy Engineering. Whilst he was there he took part in the world renowned Solar Challenge and helped build the first solar powered vehicle for everyday use. For his honours thesis he got funding from the Australian Government, Qantas and Fujitsu because he proved he could reduce the energy bills of a 5,000 m2 orphanage by 70%.

Olivier now works as a sustainability consultant and thrives to expand his expertise in green buildings and infrastructure. He has skills in 3D modelling with IESVE and Sketchup and knows how to perform thermal and weather analyses. He has worked on small and large projects such as Northside Clinic in Sydney, Santai Retreat in Kingscliff or the refurbishment of Sydney’s Central Station ($1bn). Olivier is knowledgeable in the Green Star and ISCA IS rating tools.

Olivier’s international background has allowed him to meet a wide variety of different individuals and cultures which enabled him to build strong verbal communication and relationship development skills which was further facilitated by his bilingualism in English and French.

Olivier enjoys learning about technology, nature and history. He likes meeting new people, playing sports and going on adventures!

Contact Olivier today on omasson@actionsustainability.com.au

Olivier Masson