Steve Marvell is a natural problem solver. He couples strategic thinking with highly tuned technical skills gained over his nearly 30-year career. From a Computer Science background, he has worked in many roles and sectors, including software engineering for ethical investing, solutions architecture for carbon calculation, and business analysis for international events management.

As well as his high-profile technology career, Steve has many other roles as responsibilities in life. He is a proud father of a daughter now all grown up. He has volunteered with the RNLI for nearly 20 year; 10 as a helmsman and 10 more operational since. He received the Queen’s Diamond and Platinum Jubilee medals for continued work with the emergency services.

He is a survival and rescue specialist, and taught wilderness survival skills to over 2000 people. As he is highly medically trained and includes medical scenarios in multi-agency exercises, he has conducted. As a scout leader, he passes these skills on to the next generation.

Steve has a passion for social sustainability. He believes in clean water, food, and education for all. Steve applauds companies who benefit communities rather than simply compensate them.

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