Suzanne Ballard Consultant

Suzanne Ballard is a dynamic sustainability professional with a strong practical knowledge of corporate sustainability. She has in-depth experience developing sustainability programs with the private and public sectors and excellent stakeholder engagement skills. Suzanne’s experience ranges from policy and strategic analysis of environmental programs to casework on human rights and refugee law. She enjoys developing projects that harness the power of business to deliver long-term environmental, economic and social benefits.

After a double-degree in Law and Languages from the University of Grenoble in France, Suzanne’s passion for social change led her to undertake a Master of Laws (LL.M) at McGill University, specialising in international human rights law. In her previous roles, she contributed to the development of sustainability assessment frameworks and programs for packaging in collaboration with the private and public sectors in Australia.

Having lived in four continents, Suzanne speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Shaped by her international experience, Suzanne constantly enjoys challenging ideas and concepts and finding creative ways to solve organisational or societal problems.

When she is not passionately debating policy topics, Suzanne can be found surfing local Sydney beaches, enjoying delicious food or travelling to another country where she can do both things.