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This webinar took place on the 15th October 2020.

The need to heighten transparency in supply chains is now.

Do we know where our products are coming from and is our supply chain resilient?

This fishbowl session facilitated by Helen Carter will cover the importance for making change within your own business and how you can transition to having a more transparent supply chain.

The current pandemic has made us all aware that the need for supply chain transparency has become even more critical for businesses.

However, as the lid is lifted on the supply chain, organisations are beginning to face additional challenges, the most prominent being that of combatting modern slavery and ensuring human rights in the supply chain. And recently, exposés on the likes of Boohoo and Top Glove have pushed the issue even further forward. So, how do we use this renewed call for transparency to improve conditions for an estimated 30 million exploited workers within the supply chain?

Action Sustainability will play host to a facilitated discussion with our guest panellists. They will will weigh in with an international and UK perspective and speak about the growing need for transparency and how to leverage this to combat exploitation and human rights violations.

There will be time for audience questions, giving you a chance to join in, ask questions to the panellists and feed back on topics raised.

Session time: 60 mins

This session is free to attend.