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Top Tips for an Effective Double Materiality Assessment July 2024

This was posted in All Topics, Sustainability Strategy

Senior Consultant, Imogen Player shares her top tips for what makes an effective double materiality assessment.

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Embracing Sustainable Travel: Top Tips to Travel more Sustainably July 2024

This was posted in All Topics, Biodiversity, Wellbeing

Consultant Hattie Webb dives into some practical tips to enable anyone to embrace sustainable traveling. From choosing eco-friendly destinations to minimising waste and respecting natural habitats, these tips aim to reduce the environmental impact of commuting while providing a more meaningful travel experience.

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How your sunscreen impacts the oceans & what to do about it July 2024

This was posted in Biodiversity

It is important to protect ourselves from UV rays but it is also important to understand that some sunscreens cause damage to marine life. Consultant Researcher, Lucy Picken explains the environmental impact of sunscreen & provides guidance on finding reef-safe, eco-friendly alternatives.

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How Paris is aiming to be the most sustainable Olympics yet June 2024

This was posted in All Topics, Sustainability Strategy

Consultant, Will Glover, examines how the organisers of the 2024 Paris Olympics are aiming to make it the most sustainable Olympic Games yet.

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From Barriers to Solutions: Procurement Challenges for UK SMEs June 2024

This was posted in ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement

Addressing procurement barriers is essential for harnessing the full potential of SMEs in the UK. Consultant, Sarah Chatfield explores the barriers to procurement which SMEs in the UK face and the vital role they play within the economy.

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Walk the Walk: NHS NOE CPC - Prioritising Social Value in the NHS June 2024

This was posted in All Topics, Social Value

Social Value Lead Vaishali Baid talks to Alistair Clay, Sustainability and Social Value Manager at NOE CPC about the vital role that social value plays within the NHS.

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