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Meet The Team Charles Naud

This was posted in Meet The Team

For our fifth edition of Meet The Team, we introduce Head of Product for the Sustainability Tool, Charles Naud.

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Three Challenges in Carbon Reporting and How To Deal With Them June 2022

This was posted in Energy & Carbon, Sustainability Measurement and Reporting

There is now an expectation for businesses to understand their own carbon impacts and to do something to minimize them.

But this is a process with a whole host of challenges, Consultant Stefania Chica-Jacome examines how you can deal with three of the most prominent.

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Supply Chain Sustainability School Celebrates 10th Anniversary June 2022

This was posted in News

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, an industry-wide collaboration of major companies to enable a sustainable built environment through knowledge and collaboration.

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Shifting Baselines in Biodiversity Conservation June 2022

This was posted in Biodiversity, Blog

Shifting baselines are a key concept in conservation, but are we actually vastly underestimating what 'normal' looks like in biodiversity and just how many species have declined?

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The Ukraine Crisis: Impacts for the Construction Industry and Supply Chain Resilience June 2022

This was posted in Blog, ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement

The past two years have provided a challenging landscape for the construction industry, with the Ukrainian crisis now worsening an already difficult market. Consultant Researcher Sam Walker investigates how the industry can navigate these current, and incoming challenges.

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Only One Earth June 2022

This was posted in Awareness Days

For World Environment Day 2022, we focus on the earth's uniqueness within our universe and by extension, how vital it is that we look after it and take action to conserve what we have.

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