The Task

Action Sustainability supported one of the Joint Ventures bidding for HS2 Main Works by providing advice and content input to two main sustainability topics: carbon and sustainable procurement.


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    The Action

    The Action Sustainability team led the development of carbon footprints for all exemplar designs using the RSSB Rail Carbon Tool.  Working closely with the design teams for various structures including bridges and tunnels, we analysed the primary data coming out of the designs and then used it to create detailed carbon assessments for all the design options, broken out to a high level of detail.  The outcome of this was not only assessing and quantifying the overall footprint, but importantly in identifying hotspots for carbon.  From here we were able to feed into the design process by making recommendations as to which design options were the best in terms of carbon, through quantified savings, and how they could be achieved through reductions and changes to material consumption and fewer vehicle movements.  The culminated in Action Sustainability drafting the Carbon Strategy text for the Exemplars in the bid documents.

    The team also provided input on the development of the style and content for the answer to questions on environmental management and sustainability.  We brought our experience and knowledge of sustainable procurement / responsible sourcing to bear for the appropriate mechanisms needed to engage the supply chain successfully across the spectrum of sustainability issues.  In conjunction with this we developed a roadmap for the sustainability demands that should be placed on the supply chain to meet HS2’s requirements, including a policy specifically on steel sourcing.  In addition, we were part of the review function for relevant questions.

    The Outcome

    The bid team had quantified evidence of the carbon impacts of their designs and the calculated savings compared with other design alternatives to support their bid submissions.