The Task

Grosvenor is one of the largest privately-owned property companies in the UK. The group is engaged in the creation and management of properties that deliver lasting commercial and social benefit for national and international stakeholders.

Grosvenor works closely with its supply chain to deliver social and environmental value. As such, their procurement and sustainability teams have implemented the Sustainability Tool to monitor the impacts of their supply chains, to identify risks related to sustainability in real-time and to highlight opportunities for improvement.

The Tool plays a key role as it enables suppliers to measure their environmental and social footprints and subsequently align with Grosvenor’s high sustainability standards.

The Action

Grosvenor uses the Sustainability Tool to manage performance against 31 sustainability indicators, aligned to the commitments from its Supply Chain Charter, developed with the guidance of our consultants at Action Sustainability and available here.

With key suppliers reporting monthly, Grosvenor has been able to establish the baseline of its sustainability performance and that of its supply chain, moving sustainability reporting to the next level. Our dedicated Tool consultants support Grosvenor to ensure suppliers are engaged and reporting in due time, and provide analysis and recommendations in relation to their performance management.

The Outcome, Benefits and Lessons Learnt

The Sustainability Tool continues to help Grosvenor in the implementation of its Supply Chain Charter and enabled Grosvenor to build stronger partnerships with its suppliers, propagating sustainability best-practice across their portfolio.