The Task

Thales is global business employing over 64,000 people who support key sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Space
  • Ground Transportation
  • Defence
  • Security

Director Shaun McCarthy OBE was contracted as sustainable procurement advisor to Thales UK. The role was to help the business implement leading edge sustainable procurement strategies to satisfy an ever-increasing demand from clients and investors for more responsible business.

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    The Action

    Shaun ran several workshops with Thales UK procurement and sustainability teams to develop a deep understanding of sustainable procurement techniques and strategies, initially using the UK Sustainable Procurement Task Force Flexible Framework and later, BS 8903.

    Action Sustainability guided the development of an action plan for the various Thales businesses across the UK. An annual Health Check was completed to understand the progress made against the plans and to give further advice on overcoming barriers and next steps.

    The Outcome

    Thales is recognised in the defence and aerospace sector as leading the way with their comprehensive sustainable procurement manual. This has helped them to win and retain customers and drive value through their supply chain.