Meet The Team Robyn Conway

It takes a highly talented and diverse team to be able to deliver everything we do across our consultancy, Sustainability Tool, and Supply Chain Sustainability School – and so, we wanted to introduce you to the people behind the scenes who inspire sustainable business every day. 

Introducing our Knowledge Manager for the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Robyn Conway.

Tell us your story – how did you end up joining Action Sustainability?

After working in the construction industry for five years, I was really struggling to find a path that matched the purpose-driven sustainability role I always wanted. So, I took a leap of faith and left my job to focus on a sustainability job hunt and luckily, it really paid off!

A few months later, I found my ideal role as Knowledge Manager working for the Supply Chain Sustainability School – mixing my passion for sustainability and utilising my skills and expertise from previous industries I’ve worked in. Today, I am able to curate and build the best possible range of training resources for Supply Chain Sustainability School’s partners and members.

Tell us about a normal day at work for you?

A lot of my daily tasks are focused on improving existing resources in the School library, for example, coordinating experts to review content, and also adding new content to the library.  In addition to this, I work closely with our amazing marketing team to help promote the best elements of our content to our audience.

What makes Action Sustainability a unique employer?

I love working at Action Sustainability.  The leaders and managers are supportive, approachable and closely involved with their team, which creates a work environment where you can really develop in the direction you want, with the training and guidance you might need.  We have a culture of innovation and growth and it’s really exciting.

What do you admire most about working here?

The whole team get an opportunity to feed back to our senior leaders on what is working and what could still be improved within the company. We regularly take part in workshops aimed at improving working conditions and benefits, which is not something I’ve experienced at other companies.

What inspired you to pursue a career in sustainability?

Since my school days when I was Environment Prefect, I’ve always wanted to have a positive effect when it comes to having an impact on the environment. It’s something that’s easy to do in your personal life, but being able to combine it with my career has always been my goal, which I’m achieving now through working at Action Sustainability.

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Robyn Conway
Knowledge Manager

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