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Getting value for London: Using procurement to make a positive difference for our city

Article taken from the Mayor of London's website

Under the new Mayor of London, the GLA have set new priorities for responsible procurement and re-focused their approach to delivery. The Responsible Procurement Baseline Report, 'Getting value for London' refers to programmes already in place and provides baseline information on what they have achieved.

It draws on a 2008 key supplier's review, a larger supplies survey in 2009, and detailed analysis of recent GLA procurement expenditure. Most importantly, it summarizes their future focus and direction.

The Mayor sees procurement as a key tool at London's disposal for meeting current challenges. The GLA group will lead by example in using procurement as a mechanism for achieving benefits to all Londoners and its businesses.

A supplier survey was issued to over 3,500 GLA Group suppliers to capture information on the profile of their business; identify awareness of Responsible Procurement and key support programmes; and obtain feedback on GLA group procurement processes. The survey was completed in January 2009 and the summary sets out the actions which the GLA group will be taking forward in response to the feedback.

For more information on the Mayor of London's Responsible Procurement programme and to download the Responsible Procurement Baseline Report click here

To download the supplier survey results click here

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