How can we help Sustainability performance measurement & reporting

A key aspect of sustainable procurement according to the ISO 20400 standard is the  measurement and management of sustainability performance. We help organisations understand and prioritise what to measure, how to measure it and how to engage their supply chain to support the process. We have implemented our innovative Sustainability Tool and provided ongoing support and assurance for 20 leading commercial clients since 2014.

How can Action Sustainability help you?

  • Understand what to measure through an assessment of your organisation, supply chain and scope of work. The output will be recommended metrics, indicators, units and guidance for the users.
  • Implement our Sustainability Tool, which will provide a robust and easy-to-use performance measurement and management framework.
  • Improve competence of internal and supply chain staff through training, coaching and support. This will enable them to adopt robust processes and proactively manage sustainability performance, leading to a more transparent picture of sustainability impacts.
  • Assurance on the data submitted internally and through the supply chain to ensure it is robust and accurate.
  • Action Sustainability can help companies write their external or internal sustainability reports to effectively communicate the data, the story and the sustainability impacts.

Action Sustainability is a recognised industry leader in performance measurement and wider work has included:

  • Implementing the Sustainability Tool for global clients since 2014, including major infrastructure and construction projects in the UK and Australia, and sustainable supply chain management programmes across a range of industries.
  • Undertaking a Social Return on Investment for the Thameslink programme through reviewing social value data for the project and supply chain. This is the first time a SROI has been undertaken on a major infrastructure project.
  • Writing Network Rail’s Sustainability Update 2014, pulling together information from across the organisation and from multiple stakeholders.
  • A track record of assuring performance data through the supply chain and acting on outcomes through working with key stakeholders to improve performance. We assure data for three major clients on a regular basis.
  • Leading and facilitating a special interest group through the Supply Chain Sustainability School to produce recommendations for consistent performance measures for the built environment. This is an ongoing piece of work that is now engaging with a broader array of industry stakeholders.
  • Delivering workshops and conference presentations on performance measurement and management.

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