Diversity Survey Benchmarking Report 2023

Uncover the results of our Sustainability Tool's largest-ever employee diversity survey in the United Kingdom. Featuring insights from over 526,000 individuals from 537 companies in the built environment industry.

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Addressing Modern Slavery Labour Exploitation in Solar PV Supply Chains

Uncover valuable insights into effective solar PV procurement due diligence, including practical tips for implementing best practice and useful tools to support organisations with improving their approach.


The State of Sustainable Procurement Report 2023

Download the State of Sustainable Procurement Report 2023 to uncover valuable insights including real-world case studies and best practice.

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Sustainable Procurement in Action - Live Client Case Studies

Slides from Mellita D'Silva's Sustainable Procurement in Action webinar on 23/02/2022.


ISO 20400 2017-2021 Progress Report

This report provides an assessment of how the ISO 20400 standard has been used since its launch in 2017 to 2021. The report has been informed by a series of 20 semi-structured interviews, conducted online, globally across 8 countries. The interviews were undertaken with a range of procurement and sustainability professionals, including consultants, procurement managers and academics.

Sustainability Strategy information

Sustainability Strategy Webinar Slides

Action Sustainability consultant Imogen Player delivers a webinar on how you can develop a tailored sustainability strategy for your organisation.


COP26 Overview

Consultant Imogen Player provides an overview from the two weeks of COP26 in Glasgow and covers all the key outcomes from the conference.


Building back better – A new lens on (social) value in public sector procurement

For Commercial Functions VFM (value for money) has delivered a traditional focus on creating tangibles that are related to a comparable cost. But is it time to turn towards a new value debate that moves beyond cost? This report alongside Proxima discusses the why and the how.


LGA Modern Slavery Guidance

This report was contributed to by Action Sustainability Lead Consultant Helen Carter. It contains LGA's (Local Government Authority) modern slavery assurance guidance document on embedding anti-slavery requirements into construction procurement. This was worked on with key councils, and, funded by money from by The University of Nottingham.


Social Value & Design of the Built Environment

There is no legal definition of ‘social value’ and many clients and stakeholders provide their own (see ‘frequently asked questions’). For the purposes of this document, social value means the direct, positive impacts for people and communities that can be created by going beyond ‘fit for purpose’ built environment design...


Industry briefing on social value in the built environment - January 2020

An update of the Supply Chain Sustainability School's social value in the built environment, encapsulating the different approaches of School Partners and members to social value and to provide tips to help members work more effectively on social value.

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Our Strategy and Policy

Action Sustainability's strategy and policy when it comes to what we do best. Good sustainability strategy and policy can drive innovation, meets the needs of the future and is good for your business.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Building the business case for sustainable procurement

This report considers the business case for sustainability and examines the commercial benefits of adopting sustainable procurement principles and practices. It evaluates 12 drivers and uses a collection of cases studies and examples to demonstrate how organisations have engaged their supply chains to respond to the sustainability impacts (risks and opportunities) relevant to their business context.


Global Trends in Sustainable Procurement of Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices

There are many areas across the spectrum of sustainable procurement where interventions can be made to improve the inclusions and success of sustainable procurement in the purchase and supply of P&MD.

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Plant Category Group Minimum Standards - July 2019

There is a desire from within the industry to have a common set of forward-looking and challenging yet achievable sustainability performance standards to be used when purchasing or hiring P&E to reduce impacts from construction sites across the UK.

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The Journey Towards Strategic Sustainable Procurement

Benchmarking of 40 organisations assessed on their alignment with the ISO 20400:2017 sustainable procurement standard.

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Our annual report - published April 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019