Hilary Hurrey Senior Project Manager

Hilary Hurrey is Senior Project Manager for the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Her role primarily focuses on the School’s continued growth and development. Hilary oversees all School activities including member engagement, arrangement of appropriate training courses, supplier day delivery, e-learning production and refresh, and ensures School content is up-to-date and of the highest quality. Hilary has 20 years’ experience in the delivery of projects and events within the public sector and within the commercial conference industry.

Outside of the School, Hilary is stupid enough to enjoy long distance running and is constantly setting new challenges for herself, such as running two marathons within a month of each other. Training can be made tougher as Hilary enjoys off-road running and would prefer to climb (crawl) up steep hills to avoid cows, which she finds scary.

Contact Hilary today on hilary@actionsustainability.com or 07469 140799.

Hilary Hurrey