Mellita D’silva Lead Consultant

Mellita D’silva is a Sustainable Procurement Consultant who has worked in the realm of Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Procurement and Social Value for 18+ years. She has extensive experience of embedding sustainability risks and opportunity considerations within a procurement process and in the supply chain through corporate and project policies, strategies and delivery models.

Some examples of her work include the development of corporate sustainable procurement policies, procurement, and supply chain toolkits to include the sustainability criteria in line with ISO 44001 and CIRIA 2017. She also regularly delivers workshops for procurement professionals to ensure sustainable procurement is business as usual, speaking at conferences for sustainability professionals to help them understand how to engage with procurement.

Her latest achievement is the embedding of ISO 20400 on the High Speed 2 enabling works project with an outcome of the project achieving the highest social value of any project in the UK. She is passionate about engaging a diverse supply chain and community engagement and investment.

Mellita is CIPS Level 5 qualified and MICW. Her educational background in Industrial Psychology and Organisation Behaviour and Cultural Anthropology lends itself to creating collaborative working relationships for clients and their supply chain for recognising synergies, achieving common goals.

Mellita has a passion for cooking, trying new recipes every weekend. In her spare time, she also loves sitting in the park with a book and watching puppies endlessly chase squirrels.

Get in touch with Mel at or +44 (0) 7712 524 919.