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The Task

We were asked by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) to develop a series of three e-learning modules focussing on three key issues faced by their members.  

Following an initial discussion with CECA the topics of: Behavioural Safety, Risk Management and Quality Management were selected for us to develop and provide learning materials to address these key challenges faced by the construction sector.

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    The Action

    Once the topics had been decided we, in collaboration with CECA, steering groups, and subject matter experts, developed e-learning module content.  Primarily this involved the development of scripts and storyboards for each module, including bespoke imagery and contributions from third parties to provide case study material.

    A fundamental element of any e-learning module is to develop materials which are relevant, accessible and most importantly interesting and engaging.  We worked hard with the steering groups and subject matter experts to ensure that this was the case.

    The Outcome

    Upon completion, the three e-learning modules were uploaded into the Management Department of the Supply Chain School, as CECA lack an appropriate LMS to host the modules themselves.  They now exist online and are free to access for any member of the Supply Chain School.