The Task

J Murphy & Sons Limited is a leading global, specialist engineering and construction company founded in 1951 that operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. J Murphy wanted to understand the quality and sustainability claims of the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) that it uses.

This included understanding the information available on the provenance and quality of the constituents as well as key sustainability issues. HVO is a fossil fuelfree biodiesel that originates from vegetable oils such as rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, palm, and animal fats. 

The Action

Action Sustainability undertook a supply chain review of J Murphy’s HVO. We researched the sustainability claims and supporting data for a representative sample of HVO.

Environmental and ethical claims were investigated, such as: raw material provenance; certification schemes; and due diligence of labour standards. The source and sustainability credentials of each component within HVO were investigated, as far as the information allowed.

Action Sustainability also carried out interviews with J Murphy’s HVO supplier, along with the HVO manufacturer. All findings were then summarised within a report, provided to J Murphy. 

The Outcome, Benefit, and lessons learnt

The findings from the research and interviews provided J Murphy with a set of clear findings for the sustainability claims of its HVO. This allows J Murphy to make informed decisions on the use of HVO, based on current and applicable sustainability considerations.

Action Sustainability’s recommendations to J Murphy were based on the findings, and combined with industry knowledge from the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Plant Group. These recommendations will support J Murphy in ensuring due diligence is carried out when using HVO.