The task Green Star Self-Certification of a state of the art mental health facility

Action Sustainability provided sustainability services for a 112 bed new mental health facility at St Leonards, NSW. This included providing ESD advice during the gateway application and construction stages of this new state of the art mental health facility. The aim was to target a custom sustainability strategy with 40 sustainability initiatives that enhanced this already highly functional facility.

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    Since this project was not a formal Green Star certification, but a self-certification approach we were able to streamline the review process while keeping the same level of sustainability impact from each Green Star initiative on the design and operations of the building. In addition, this allowed us to reduce the overall cost of the process.

    To achieve this we:

    • Reviewed all the design documentation, regulatory requirements and client conditions relating to sustainability.
    • Assisted the design team in understanding their obligations in achieving each credit in the Sustainability Strategy.
    • Provided expert reports on thermal comfort and daylighting through 3D software modelling.
    • Insured that all the sought initiatives were completed and included in the As-built documentation through a final report.

    The outcome

    This process was simple and effective and allowed Northside Clinic to enhance its already highly functional facility to a fully sustainable entity. It enabled them to reap from the same design and operational benefits of a Green Star certification without third-party involvement or formal Green Star certification fees.