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What is the tool? 

The Sustainability Tool enables the efficient and effective collection of data.  It collates, aggregates, reports and enables effective analysis of data on any construction project allowing it to focus specifically on the sustainability impacts to its own company project circumstances.

Why use the tool?

Our tool allows you and your supply chain to input sustainability data relevant to your project. This improves the transparency of your construction projects sustainability performance and saving you time and resources. 

Saving time and money

The Sustainability Tool enables performance data to be gathered quickly and efficiently, saving at least 80% of the time taken to manage the data manually. 

The innovative project focused dashboards and cumulative graphical information enable problems to be identified immediately they occur during a project while there is still time to take corrective action, avoiding costly retrospective work.  By using the latest technology we are able to keep the cost of subscriptions low. You can purchase an affordable annual subscription to use the tool for an unlimited number of projects. 

Unlike many other collaborative platforms, the Tool is free to use for the first tier of your supply chain. The tool is very easy to use and logical, both for you and your supply chain.


Instant analysis & performance overview 

As data is reported by your contractors, suppliers and business units, it is aggregated upwards. This means you can view and manage performance at any level you like. Say goodbye to length sustainability reporting - say hello to data analysis and management information at your fingertips  

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