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It takes a highly talented and diverse team to be able to deliver everything we do across our consultancy, Sustainability Tool, and Supply Chain Sustainability School – and so, we wanted to introduce you to the people behind the scenes who inspire sustainable business every day. 

Introducing our Scotland Sector Manager for the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Andrew Wilson.

Tell us your story – how did you end up joining Action Sustainability?

I have worked with the Directors of Action Sustainability since 1999, for previous companies and in various roles. My experience is mainly in B2B marketing and event/project management – focussed around supply chain development at local, national or even international levels.

Over the years I have been fortunate to organise several trade missions and overseas conferences and events, for example in India, Mexico, UAE, and South Korea. Prior to the pandemic I developed new business in several European markets for a FTSE listed major exhibitions company.

I have been running my own business since leaving my last employer in 2017, as well as pursuing other ventures. This enabled me to renew old contacts and start working with Action Sustainability and the Supply Chain  Sustainability School again, firstly as a consultant but I’m delighted to now be joining the organisation full time from late 2022 onwards.

Tell us about a normal day at work for you?

My time at the Supply Chain Sustainability School is currently divided between developing the Scotland Market and our work with National Highways. For Scotland, I work with colleagues to develop and deliver our training programme for the construction and building of supply chains, as well as facilitating and supporting our Leadership Group for Scotland.

For National Highways, our work has expanded into many areas. We’re supporting some of its major frameworks to transform their approach to environmental sustainability and social value. This means delivering bespoke training for supply chains across key work programmes such as the Regional Delivery Partnership or the Smart Motorways Alliance.

We are also starting to build capacity and knowledge among companies who will be part of the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) supply chain. This will become one of Europe’s largest civil engineering projects, worth an estimated £7 billion. It’s exciting to be playing a role in building understanding and performance on the sustainability issues covered by the School.

We are also running the FIR Programme for National Highways, developing and rolling out a Tool to assist with measuring social value impact, and have put in place a Supplier Development System to align suppliers and sub-contractors to certain priority areas such as achieving net zero or health, safety, and wellbeing.

What makes Action Sustainability a unique employer?

The clue is in the title! Everything we do is focused on driving positive change. Whether it’s organising training which upskills individuals and organisations to deliver more efficient and effective supply chains, or helping organisations to measure their carbon footprints or social value. Also delivering niche sustainability consultancy advice to ensure large employers are responsible corporate citizens which can maximise their positive impact on society.

Everyone in the business is passionate about what they do, and I think this is reflected in high levels of staff retention, support, and morale. The company offers good opportunities for all members of staff to develop their skills and knowledge into new areas. I have enjoyed learning about the highways sector through my role supporting National Highways and its major contractors.

What do you admire most about working here?

In 10 years, the Supply Chain Sustainability School has grown from a small group of like-minded organisations who wanted to make a difference, into a significant industry movement supported by 180 Partners and some 16,500 active member organisations. I admire the hard work and commitment from senior management which has driven this success – it feels good to have contributed in a small way to this team effort.

What’s the biggest challenge in the world of sustainability right now?

Transitioning from a linear to a circular economy to make best use of the world’s scarce resources and meet our net zero ambitions.

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Andrew Wilson
Sector Manager

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