Andrew Wilson Programmes Manager

Andrew has worked with the Directors of Action Sustainability since 1999 when he first worked with Ian and Shaun on a supply chain project at Heathrow Airport that looked to accelerate the amount of work placed by the airport operator in the local community. Since then Andrew worked with Ian building and running a thriving events management business in his home city of Newcastle. When that business was sold to a Umi, UK-wide business services company, Andrew managed their operations and events team before becoming their Business Development Director. Andrew exited Umi in 2017 and ran his own consultancy and B2B events business whilst supporting the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s work in Scotland and the growing collaboration with National Highways. Andrew joined the School as a permanent staff member in December 2023, and now leads our work with HS2 and National Highways, as well as continuing to develop the School’s presence and influence in Scotland.

Andrew speaks Italian and French, and enjoys foreign travel, whether for business or pleasure. He likes to visit Italy whenever possible to indulge his passion for Italian food (and wine). His main hobby is road cycling – which he still occasionally finds time for between his professional and family lives.

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