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Action Sustainability have been at the forefront of sustainable procurement and supply chain management since 2006 and are recognised global leaders. We developed the BS 8903 standard and led the Australian and UK delegations to develop international standard ISO 20400 for Sustainable Procurement, published in 2017.

In 2013 Action Sustainability, along with our partners, received a number of awards including the ‘CIPS Best Contribution to Corporate Responsibility’ award as well as the ‘Overall CIPS award’ for the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We are CIPS recommended consultants for sustainable procurement services.

We provide advice, services and tools that will enable you to embed sustainable procurement principles across your organisation and into your supply chain, allowing you to benefit from improved sustainability performance and brand value together with reduced risks and costs.

The image below shows the structure of the ISO 20400 standard (click to expand).

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If your organisation is still grappling with what sustainable procurement is, or needs technical or on the ground support to embed sustainable outcomes into strategies, tenders or contracts or you just want to validate that the direction you are going in is the right one we have a service that can support you.

What we do

  • Develop sustainable supply chain management strategies and policies.
  • Build internal engagement and support capability development through workshops, training both with your procurement teams and any key influencers who impact your procurement activity.
  • Help develop your procurement infrastructure which includes:
    • Policy and strategy creation
    • Prioritisation and risk/opportunity assessment
    • Engage your supply chain through a Sustainable Procurement Boot Camp
    • Measurement and KPI development
    • Performance data collection
    • Category strategy development and delivery providing specialist category support
    • Tender support through PQQ, ITT and contract requirements
  • Validate your sustainable procurement processes and support the development of action plans using the ISO 20400 guidance as the strategic framework
  • Provide procurement resources including secondee support

You can access a free assessment of your organisation against ISO 20400. In 20 questions you’ll get an initial indication of your organisation’s progress towards alignment with ISO 20400.

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Once complete, get in touch with us to see how we can enhance your sustainable procurement.

Whether you are at the beginning of the journey or are looking to get access to resources to support your own procurement activity, Action Sustainability can help.

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    We are global thought leaders, consultants, software developers and service providers in sustainable supply chain management. Our mission is to inspire sustainable business.

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    We lead collaborative groups of businesses to develop the capacity of their supply chains, like our award winning Supply Chain Sustainability School.