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Effectively communicating sustainability requirements is an essential component of any sustainability strategy, to train and build competence within your team and supply chain.

Action Sustainability has a proven track record in developing bespoke sustainability e-learning materials, to upskill employees and embed learning at a pace that works for the target audience.

Our significant experience in developing e-learning enables us to create effective, practical and engaging content aligned to your desired training outcomes. This can range from a short, 2-minute animated online ‘Toolbox Talk’, to a 45-minute interactive e-learning module, or even an online game with learning content. Gamification enhances users learning experience and is a core part of what we do to enhance learning content and keep users engaged.

We have a tried and tested process for development. From the initial brief, to storyboarding, content development and uploading content onto your Learning Management System (LMS). We are committed to developing effective, meaningful, and engaging content aligned to your desired training outcomes.

Our team can manage the entire process of e-learning development, including the scripting of specialist sustainability topics, video production and narration, plus integrating content with your own LMS. (NOTE: If you need an LMS to host your content or need advice on what type of production crew to use, we can provide as much input as you require!)

We are familiar with a range of software platforms to bring together a custom-made learning package for your business. Our approach, using video production, animation and on-screen interaction allows us to develop content that appeals to a range of learning styles to create engaging learner journeys.

Value to your business

  • Consistency: E-learning modules provide a consistent approach and message for everyone in your organisation or supply chain, helping you to achieve your strategy faster.
  • Accessibility: E-learning is not limited by geography or time – anyone with a web-enabled device can access it, meaning all levels of your business are informed.
  • Convenience: Employees can learn when it is suitable to them, and not just when a training course is run, saving on costs and efficiencies.
  • Data analytics: Hosting e-learning on an LMS means you can track statistics like completion and pass rate, which can efficiently feed into learning and development plans and KPIs
  • Multi-platform functionality: E-learning can be viewed through a variety of devices – laptop, tablet, smartphone.

Examples of our work:

Our e-learning services:

  • Bespoke e-learning programme development
  • Bespoke Toolbox Talk development
  • Custom-made learning scenario game development
  • Training / staff competency development
  • Supplier engagement and knowledge development
  • Articulating business benefits of sustainability
  • Communicating key business objectives to key stakeholders
  • Targeted learning, towards a particular audience
  • Full material project management, including concept, scripting, filming, bespoke illustrations, and subject matter experts who deliver quality outputs
  • Learning Management System (LMS) support and integration

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