How we do it Measure

Action Sustainability are experienced in delivering real measurable change that is supported by scientific rigour. Our philosophy is to firstly understand your environmental and social impacts (through measurement), to enact an implementation program, to reduce negative impacts and increase your positive environmental and social outcomes.

We developed our own measurement tool for industry and businesses to drive positive sustainability outcomes. Our award-winning Sustainability Tool is trusted by global corporates and SMEs. It’s a robust and flexible solution for collecting and reporting sustainability data couldn’t be simpler to use and is an essential resource that can help you understand the true impact of your operations.

It includes over 300 metrics for over 80 key performance indicators across 12 sustainability themes. Most companies now realise that the majority of their impacts sit in their supply chains and they require methods and tools to address this.

Our expertise in measurement extends into all aspects of sustainability this includes:

  • Strategy and KPI Framework development
  • Social value measurement including social return on investment studies
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Carbon footprinting and energy modelling
  • Science based targets and life cycle analysis
  • Life cycle costing (financials)

If you are interested in learning more or would welcome a free demo of our Sustainability Tool then please get in touch.

Why do you need to measure your impact?

You get what you measure

It is often said 'You get what your measure' which generally holds true. Measurement can drive real change and the delivery of targeted outcomes. It's essential to utilise best available science and to commence with an approved baseline.

Managing your risk

Quantifying your risk is also an important part of measurement. It could be environmental risk, social risk, reputational risk or risks related to business operations. It's important to identify and quantify risk so that the right mitigation strategies can be put in place to manage risk.

Enabling opportunities into business value

Measurement is not just for measurement's sake. It's about focus. A focus on what's important to your organisation and what outcomes and targets you want to achieve. This is how measurement can be utilised to drive business value and opportunity.