How we do it Train

Action Sustainability delivers interactive training sessions for all aspects of sustainability to individuals and groups, through workshops, train the trainer models and bespoke training to meet your needs. Our approach is to support skills development and capacity building to achieve measurable outcomes through action.

Our training courses and materials includes, but is not limited to, the following sustainability issues and areas of expertise:

  • ISO 20400
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Social value optimisation and measurement
  • Sustainable buildings and infrastructure (which includes standards)
  • Carbon and energy
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Strategy and performance management

Action Sustainability are also experts in e-Learning and have developed and delivered 150+ modules through the Supply Chain School.

Why do you need training

Education, education, education

Real change will only happen through your people. Enabling your team and business with the right sustainability skills is how to make it happen. Driving consistency of practice across organisations usually requires high quality training.

Avoiding the dependence on a few individuals

It's not possible to embed sustainability across a business through a few individuals. The more people that are skilled in the relevant sustainability issues and opportunities that their business presents, the better. Individuals usually love learning more about sustainability and welcome training.

Upskilling your team will save time and money

Action sustainability are experts in training delivery. Training is core to our business and is how we drive action. Giving people the right skills in sustainability will save time and money and is good for business.