How can we help Understanding and measuring your operational and embodied carbon footprint

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. It is no longer in the future and is with us now – the extreme weather events of recent years are growing evidence.

Tackling this urgent issue requires concerted effort to decarbonise every sector of our economy: transport, food, industry, and the built environment – they all contribute to the climate crisis.

We already have many of the solutions we need, from low-carbon materials to renewable technologies, and governments are committing to ambitious goals through international agreements.

The question is: How can your organisation translate this into strategies and action to make a meaningful impact?

How we can help:

  • Develop your carbon strategy
  • Undertake carbon foot printing of your organisation
  • Develop your approach to carbon with your suppliers and procurement

Action Sustainability has in-depth experience of supporting clients in developing their approach to mitigating their impact on climate change. We work with our clients to develop sustainability strategies that incorporate climate change, provide an outsourced service for the calculation of carbon footprints, recommend options for reducing carbon impacts and also develop learning content on carbon measurement and reporting to help you embed best practice across your teams.

For example, we recently supported one of the joint venture consortiums bidding to HS2 by calculating the carbon footprints of their designs. This provided valuable input into their design optimisation and decision process, by identifying where key carbon hotspots existed and therefore where reductions and savings could be made. Elsewhere we have developed e-learning content for the Green Construction Board’s Infrastructure Working Group on Reducing Carbon, Reducing Cost and PAS 2080. This gives ‘newcomers’ to the topic a solid foundation in climate change and how they can make a difference.

Combined with our knowledge of the built environment and our other specialisms, this makes us ideal partners to understand and develop plans for addressing the risks from climate change, as well as seizing the opportunities that considering carbon as a business driver present.

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