Our acheivements

Property and infrastructure

  • We have worked with 27 clients and implemented seven sustainability strategies that will influence over $1.6 billion of investment.
  • GHG savings from our projects are estimated to be at 236,000 tonnes over the asset lifecycle.
  • Estimated potable water savings from our projects are over 27 GL over the asset lifecycle.
  • An estimated 450 tonnes of steel have been saved through smart design and dematerialisation.
  • Approximately 15,000 tonnes of concrete have been saved by dematerialisation.

Sustainable procurement and supply chain management

  • We have worked with 26 clients and implemented sustainable procurement strategies that will influence around $48 billion dollars of spend with suppliers.
  • We have educated over 1,200 procurement and sustainability professionals through our training programs and participating in seminars and events.
  • We have raised awareness on sustainable procurement to approximately 3,000 sustainability and procurement professionals through our regular contribution to iso20400.org.