Cathryn Greville Head of Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Cathryn Greville heads up our sector-wide Fairness, Inclusion & Respect (FIR) Programme at the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Cathryn has worked with organisations and industries to drive cultural change and advance diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice for over 15 years.  Her background includes working in the construction and built environment sector and within government regulators, including a building regulator in Western Australia.  Cathryn is also a former in-house legal counsel, a lawyer and court advocate by professional training and a skilled facilitator and presenter.

Cathryn’s work focuses on both organisational diversity and inclusion, and the sector-wide behavioural and cultural change required to positively impact the outcomes of the built environment sector and the communities it serves.  She is passionate about bringing people together to drive that change around fairness, equity and inclusion and supporting sustainable and responsible business practices.

Cathryn’s breadth of experience gives her invaluable cross-sector and organisational insight on a range of FIR challenges and the levers and cultural changes required to address those challenges. She enjoys dealing with a variety of businesses across the sector – at all stages of their FIR journey – to embed the principles of fairness, inclusion and respect throughout their organisations and supply chains.

Cathryn has always loved interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures and gaining what she considers to be incredible perspectives that come from learning from others’ lived experiences.  This interest led Cathryn to first complete a humanities degree in Asian studies and language (Japanese), political science and international relations, work with adults and children with disabilities, teach English internationally, host inter-cultural exchanges and travel extensively before pursuing a deeper understanding of civil rights and equal opportunity under the law and justice system.  As our diversity and inclusion specialist, she combines her background, passions and expertise to address workplace challenges and help build inclusive and respectful environments where everyone can thrive.

Cathryn still loves to travel and experience new cultures, languages and landscapes. When not running the FIR Programme, you’ll find her enjoying the great outdoors with her family, planning their next adventure together or engaging in her other passions of dance, yoga and art.

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