Chris is a Senior Consultant specialising on Climate and Carbon, with a background in Quality Assurance, Programme Management, and Innovation Commercialisation.  For the past decade he has focussed on linking strategy to performance and major programme delivery across the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

In his current role, he supports clients on a range of topics, including Net Zero, Energy and Carbon, Environmental Management, Sustainable Procurement, Biodiversity and Ecology. He is currently leading the Climate Action Group, which is expertly managed through the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Known for his ability to get outstanding results by orchestrating change through executive leadership, visual mapping, and employee motivation.  This empowers individuals, teams, and stakeholders to expand their horizons and work on value creators and pain relievers, which deliver distinct products, services, and outcomes.

In his spare time, he likes spending time with his family, fencing (sabre), collecting and playing vintage guitars/amps, and building the odd 60’s ‘fuzz pedal’ (generally only 15-components needed – very sustainable, NOS).

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