Michael St. Louis Project Coordinator

Michael joined Action Sustainability as a Project Coordinator in the Delivery team for the Supply Chain Sustainability School. In this role, he is responsible for setting up and arranging training sessions within Offsite, Digital, Operational Excellence & Wales, both for partners and publicly.

Prior to joining the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Michael was working internationally in Marketing & Event Coordinating, bridging connections between corporate entities and non-profit organisations to create social impact experiences globally.

Outside of work, Michael would describe himself as an adventurous and multi-talented individual. Eating and travelling pretty much sum up his main interests and hobbies. But he also loves engaging in intense activities like scuba diving, competitive gaming, skydiving, escape rooms, photography, storyboarding, and 3D sculpting of characters and housing interiors.

Contact Michael on michael@supplychainschool.co.uk