Naomi Pratt Consultant

Naomi Pratt is a Consultant at Action Sustainability working primarily on carbon, waste and resource efficiency, and sustainable procurement projects. She also supports the delivery of the award-winning Supply Chain Sustainability School, specifically the Offsite and Digital training programmes.

Her recent work includes: producing training materials on circular economy principles and sustainable procurement, conducting supply chain carbon and plastic packaging data analysis for a major housebuilder, and auditing the School’s resources on waste management and air quality. She is currently supporting the development of a sustainable procurement strategy for a multinational food brand.

Prior to this role she worked with the Westminster Sustainable Business Forum on housing policy and water management in the context of environmental change. She also has experience in the renewable energy sector.

Naomi holds a PhD from Imperial College London, which she completed in 2020. Her research used deep sea coral archives to investigate changes in Southern Ocean chemistry and ventilation since the last ice age.

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