Rick Dunn Senior Business Development Executive

Rick joined Action Sustainability in July 2022 as a Senior Business Development Executive for the Supply Chain Sustainability School. He holds a MSc. in Environmental Science and Technology from Lancaster University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Rick’s diverse career to date has taken him internationally working in Kosovo, Australia, China, and Switzerland, notably for the United Nations Environment Programme and as an Environmental Science and Biology Teacher in Guangzhou, China.  Prior to joining Action Sustainability, Rick worked as a Policy Consultant performing various impact assessments to changes in the chemical and environmental landscape for the likes of the EU Commission and UK government.

Travel and sustainability are a key passion of Rick’s which has allowed him to develop key incentives to reduce plastic pollution from tourism within Sri Lanka while working for a bespoke travel company.

A fun fact: Rick’s research in China observing the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the Pearl River Delta, South China led to a publication in the Environment International Journal.