Saira Khan

Saira holds the role of Conference & Outreach Officer within the Fairness, Inclusion & Respect team. Her focus involves reaching out across the built environment sector, managing conferences, and developing content. Saira specialiSes in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and her main interest lies in neurodiversity and disability.

This drive comes from her own experience with autism, dyslexia, and dyspraxia. Moreover, many of her friends and family members are also neurodivergent or disabled, motivating her to be an advocate for them and herself. However, Saira is also deeply committed to all of aspects of EDI and is a champion and ally for all diverse groups.

Saira’s journey started as an intern in an EDI team. Since then, she’s been dedicated to this path. She began her career in a recruitment firm working internally and then as part of a team that focused on helping employers find, employ, and retain candidates with protected characteristics. This experience exposed her to various industries, allowing her to serve as an internal and external EDI consultant. This ongoing journey has strengthened her commitment to creating positive changes.

Throughout her life, Saira has consistently supported different causes, giving her time to volunteer work, and aiding her community. Presently, she is engaged in providing administrative support, Session support and social media support for the National Autistic Society, working with young autistic people. This commitment extends beyond her professional role, and she takes great satisfaction in contributing to positive transformations on multiple fronts.

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