Hattie Webb joined Action Sustainability in June 2023 as a consultant in the consultancy team. She brings with her a wealth of experience in carbon reduction, net zero, sustainability advisory and engagement.

Hattie has spent the last few years embedding sustainability into corporate actions plans and delivering business sustainability training across all industries. She is highly skilled at converting the detailed and complex, to the simple and interesting, so everyone can feel empowered to take climate action. Hattie also holds a First-Class degree in Global Sustainable Development and Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Warwick.

As a theatre enthusiast, you will often find Hattie making the most of London’s West End, and when she gets the chance, travelling further afield to explore new places (most recently New Zealand!) Hattie is passionate about sustainable fashion and volunteers at her local charity shop.

Contact Hattie on hattie.webb@actionsustainability.com.