Sam Walker Consultant

Sam joined the consultancy team at Action Sustainability in March 2022 as a Consultant Researcher. He currently works with the award-winning Supply Chain Sustainability School to further address challenges related to modern slavery, a lack of diversity in the labour force and the delivery of Social Value. This includes preparing training materials and supporting with the Social Value and Labour Group training programmes.

He also supports clients in the use of the Sustainability Tool and Carbon Calculator, providing advice and guidance on how clients can measure and manage their sustainability performance, as well as their supply chains.

Sam has a background in environmental management and policy, and has worked with organisations including IKEA and H&M to implement their sustainability strategies at both local and international level. This has included projects that have identified high risk areas in the supply chain and introduced several strategies and initiatives to address these. Prior to this, Sam worked in extended producer responsibility managing a UK-wide Take-back scheme for electronic equipment, for both HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Sam holds an MSc in Environmental Management and Policy which he completed in 2021 following two years of studying in Lund, Sweden. He’s incredibly passionate about increasing greenspace in cities and enjoys beekeeping, hiking, and travelling around to different countries. He also can’t help collecting indoor houseplants and lives in his own “indoor jungle”.

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