Vaishali Baid Senior Consultant & Social Value Lead

Vaishali is a Senior Sustainable Procurement and, Social Value Consultant. She has worked in procurement for more than eleven years with a focus on sourcing, category management, supplier management and consulting with various Fortune 500 companies. Throughout her experience, she has put sustainability elements into perspective for various projects.

She has brought awareness about Sustainability to Asian suppliers, negotiating contracts with sustainability clauses to bring value to the procurement deals and led various global procurement projects. Managing a wide portfolio of sourcing and category projects ranging from Facility, Transportation, Equipment & Machinery, Maintenance, Consumables, and Manpower Services. Vaishali was the recipient of the German Chancellor Fellowship and worked on European Sustainable Procurement requirements.

In her current profile she supports clients with embedding Social Value / Social Sustainability in their procurement processes, sourcing support, designing tender questions, evaluation criteria and scoring based on PPN 06/20, toolkits for procurement, charters, category strategies considering sustainability requirements, ISO 20400 evaluations, workshops for different procurement teams. She is currently leading the Social Value Group of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Procurement and sustainability have been constants for her and ongoing themes throughout her career. She has a masters with an engineering degree in Biotechnology. She is currently concluding a doctorate in social procurement through first-tier suppliers and published various papers on the subject. She was selected as Top 100 Women in Supply Chain in 2021.

A travel enthusiast, minimalistic living follower and a meditation disciple. Vaishali believes in the mantra that ‘Sustainability of Supply Chain’ is the sole solution for most of the challenging situations globally and is driven to spread awareness about it.

Get in touch with Vaishali at or on +44 (0) 7762 891 702

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