National Apprenticeship Week 2023: Interview with Liban By Liban Ahmed

Liban Ahmed is our Business Administration Apprentice, working across Action Sustainability, the Supply Chain Sustainability School and the Sustainability Tool since April 2022. For National Apprenticeship Week, we invited him to share his story and experience.

Tell us your story – why did you decide to embark on a Business Administration Apprenticeship?

Before I dive into why I decided to embark on this journey, let me give you a little background about myself. Although I don’t mind traditional approaches to education, which involve learning a lot of theory about a subject, trying to remember it and taking examinations, I find apprenticeships a far more exciting way to learn. If you are a practical person like me, it is a great opportunity to test your knowledge in a real-world setting. That was what sold me on the apprenticeship model of education.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m constantly busy and never have a dull moment!

My tasks include:

  • Ensuring the business runs smoothly by offering administration support to the three key areas of the business
  • Making sure to provide excellent customer service and experience to members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and clients
  • Applying what I learn in my apprenticeship modules to tasks at Action Sustainability
  • Helping the marketing team with marketing operations by trying to push our reach and awareness of our organisation

What do you think is the advantage of doing an apprenticeship?

There are several advantages to doing an apprenticeship. One of the biggest advantages, in my opinion, is the opportunity to learn on the job and gain real-world experience. It’s such a valuable way to learn and grow, as you get to apply what you learn in class to practical situations and vice versa. Additionally, apprenticeships allow you to earn while you learn and provide a great introduction to being a part of the workforce.

Another advantage is finding an organisation like Action Sustainability that is invested in your professional development and willing to help you improve your skillset. You always feel like you are an asset.

How has the apprenticeship helped develop your career?

Since embarking on my apprenticeship module focused on data, I have found that it serves as a great introduction to the roles of data analyst or data scientist, which I aspire to pursue as a career.

My Business Administration apprenticeship offers me the opportunity to build my skills from the ground up, working on exciting and meaningful projects that allow me to hone them.

Not only does my apprenticeship allow me to make a difference within my organisation by making sense of our data and delivering value in our offerings to clients, but it also provides me with the opportunity to build up a portfolio of projects that will be incredibly useful later in my career. This portfolio allows me to document all the amazing work that I am doing and showcase my abilities to potential employers.

What would your advice be to people applying?

If you’re considering applying for an apprenticeship, my advice to you is to do your research and find a program that aligns with your career goals. Don’t be afraid to reach out to current or former apprentices to get their perspective and ask any questions you may have.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider working with a reputable provider like Multiverse. They’ve been incredibly supportive of me, and they will ensure you succeed as long as you show up and do the work. Do not let a rejection set you back or, even worse, stop you from applying. Somebody will spot your value and give you an opportunity, so don’t give up.

What do you think is the best thing about working for Action Sustainability?

For me, the best thing about working for Action Sustainability is doing meaningful work. Imagine that your work is making a real-world impact and being able to be part of an organisation which is a thought leader in sustainability and the drive to net zero.

But that’s not all – the team culture here is so friendly and supportive, and I feel valued as an employee. I have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and work alongside everyone due to Action Sustainability’s organisation structure and size. I get to interact with senior leadership in a way that I wouldn’t at bigger companies.

Plus, the fact that Action Sustainability pays the real living wage is a huge incentive to work hard and progress in my career with the company.


In conclusion, pursuing an apprenticeship has been a fantastic decision for me. It’s allowed me to gain real-world experience, earn while I learn, and be a part of an organisation that values my professional development and supports my growth.

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. Just make sure to do your research, reach out to current or former apprentices for advice, and consider working with a reputable provider like Multiverse. And if you’re lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with a company like Action Sustainability, you’ll get to do meaningful work and be a part of a supportive team culture.

I hope my story and insights on apprenticeships have been helpful. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!


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Liban Ahmed
Business Administration Apprentice

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