The Task

Lower Thames Crossing set an aim to achieve Gold Standard Carbon Literacy Organisation (CLO) status from the Carbon Literacy Project. To do this, they needed to demonstrate a substantial commitment to developing a carbon literate workforce.

Action Sustainability was tasked to create and deliver carbon training that meets the requirements of the standard, and to ensure the majority of LTC employees achieved full carbon literacy certification.

The Action

Action Sustainability developed and delivered a tailored training program to upskill more than 200 Lower Thames Crossing employees in relation to climate science, ensuring they had a robust understanding of the causes and responses to climate change.

We gathered learner evidence for multiple groups to ensure the majority of each cohort achieved carbon literacy certification.

The Outcome, Benefits and Lessons Learnt

Through this training program, 240 employees at Lower Thames Crossing were accredited as carbon literate by the Carbon Literacy standard. These learners are now equipped with a robust understanding of how climate change affects them, both geographically and sectorally. Furthermore, they have acquired the skills to develop their own responses to lowering their carbon footprints.

Achieving this milestone enabled Lower Thames Crossing to meet one of the key criteria to achieve gold status and helped them become the first major UK infrastructure project to achieve this level after collectively completing over 2,500 hours of carbon training. This showcased their commitment to raising awareness of the implications of the carbon impacts, supporting a low carbon culture in the workplace and  maximising their workforce’s capacity to tackle climate change.