The Task

In 2023, tier 1 contractor BAM UK & Ireland reached their first 100 suppliers reporting to the Sustainability Tool’s Carbon Calculator, helping them to improve supply chain transparency and engagement in decarbonisation.

This case study explores BAM’s journey towards sustainable supply chain management with the Carbon Calculator. Read on to learn about their motivation for using the Calculator to measure emissions, how it has enabled positive sustainable change in their organisation, their strategies for achieving a high response rate, and how the insights gained from this will inform their future approach to scope 3 emissions.

BAM recognises the importance of consistent carbon data collection and reporting across its supply chain. They chose to use the Carbon Calculator because they find it provides the most easily accessible platform for their suppliers to interact with and report emissions data in a consistent way. Additionally, BAM believes that by promoting the Calculator as a tier 1 contractor, they are sending a positive message to the supply chain to help improve engagement in the decarbonisation agenda.

The Action

BAM wants to support supply chains on the road to more comprehensive carbon emission insights, believing this will benefit the entire industry. This has prompted the company to promote the use of the Carbon Calculator through its quarterly supply chain newsletters and its preferred supplier selection process.

By encouraging its supply chain in this way, BAM has achieved a high response rate of over 100 suppliers, propelling other Supply Chain Sustainability School Partners to achieve the same milestone in early 2023.

BAM plans to continue to use and promote the Carbon Calculator, aiming to lead the way towards more comprehensive insights into carbon emissions. They will be using the insights gained from the Calculator to better inform their approach to their scope 3 emissions, which is a challenge for many organisations across the industry. With these insights, the company will then seek to reinforce use of the Calculator to gain even deeper insights.

The Outcome, Benefits and Lessons Learnt

Overall, BAM’s journey towards sustainable supply chain management with the Carbon Calculator has enabled greater transparency and improved engagement in decarbonisation. By standardising carbon measurement across its supply chain, BAM has set an example for the industry. Their strategies for achieving a high response rate and their vision for using the insights gained from the Calculator show their commitment to leading the industry towards decarbonisation.