The Task

Amtico, part of the Mannington Company, are a designer and manufacturer of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Based in Coventry, they have been designing and manufacturing unique LVT since the early 1960s. Their tiles have warranties of 20 years+ and are designed for life.

They have four core collections – Signature, Spacia, Form and Click Smart and a range of wood, stone and abstract designs to choose from. Amtico Bio is their first bio-attributed LVT flooring, made with sustainable PVC from biomass, a renewable raw material which saves more than 90% of carbon emissions compared to the manufacture of standards PVC.

Amtico’s sustainability strategy Responsible Foundations was developed and launched in 2022, with their first annual report launched in 2023. Their strategy focuses on four key pillars: fighting climate change; reducing waste; empowering people; and championing innovation.

Amtico engaged with Action Sustainability to support on the development of a roadmap for their sustainability strategy, with a clear vision and mission for what they want to achieve in both the short-term and long-term, with clear targets, commitments and KPIs.

The Action

The first phase of work was to further discover Amtico’s context, ambition, and direction for sustainability, aligned to their vision and mission. We undertook a desktop review of documents and benchmarked Amtico against competitors, clients and other best practice organisations, using publicly available information, producing a report on the findings and recommendations for improvement.

For the next phase of work, we facilitated workshops with each of the pillars (climate, waste, people, innovation). The roadmap, action plan, targets, commitments and KPIs were all discussed along with conversations around the feasibility of implementation.

From here, the roadmap was drafted, reviewed, edited and the content finalised with Amtico’s input. It includes targets and commitments that each pillar will work towards both in the short-term (to 2030) and the long term (2030 onwards). A supporting implementation action plan, sustainability policy and carbon reduction statement were also developed for Amtico.

The pillar owners and their groups are now responsible for ensuring that the content within the roadmap and the action plans are wholly accurate to Amtico, incorporated within all business processes and for taking ownership of the delivery of the sustainability commitments. Action Sustainability provided the technical content and Amtico will then brand the roadmap into their own house style.

The Outcome, Benefits, and Lessons Learnt

Amtico are very engaged with sustainability and this project proved that they are serious about setting realistic yet ambitious targets and commitments towards sustainability, improving their impacts across all sustainability pillars (environment, social and economic).

The project produced the content for a sustainability roadmap that is tailored to Amtico’s activities and processes. Commitments, targets and KPIs provide Amtico with strategic direction and the ability to see how they are performing against their strategy. By having a clear sustainability roadmap, Amtico are demonstrating to their clients and supply chain that they are serious about improving their sustainability performance.

Looking forwards, Amtico are now engaging with Action Sustainability to further their sustainable procurement knowledge and maturity, to assist in the delivery of their sustainability strategy and roadmap throughout their supply chain.